(001) Huaynaccolca, Maras

Est. Popuplation: 2,093

Adopted: Yes
Graduated: No

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Villiage Articles:

The Little GirlThe Little Girl
The little Street Girl by Dr. Jerry Simons On the equator the sun comes up and goes down a...

Farm animals delived in August 2009Farm animals delived in August 2009
After receiving training sheep and cows were delivered to Huaynaccolca. Villagers will share t...

Building ready for roofBuilding ready for roof
The long poles will support hand split bamboo laid horizonally. Cemente tile roof will then be...

Three Room SchoolThree Room School
Here the villagers are preparing the site where their first ever school will be built. This vi...

Needed Projects:

Farm Animal Donation
Now that the school is finished, the children are still having to use the outside school yard a...

A few of our completed projects: