Terms of Service

  1. Hope Projects is a 501(c)3 IRS approved tax exempt humanitarian foundation. Donors will receive a receipt for their donation by US mail or email within three weeks after receiving your donation. Expedition side trips are not tax deductible.
  2. 100% of your donation goes to the project you select. We reserve the right to choose the village where the project is placed unless you are sponsoring a village, where it would only go to your village. The only exception would be if another village has a greater need for a particular project and that would be only after you were informed.
  3. All money received for a project, expedition deposit, side trip, or unassigned to the general fund are non-refundable.
  4. If you make a donation as a gift or to honor another person, that person will receive a gift card from Hope Projects mentioning your donation in their honor unless you direct otherwise.
  5. Those going on an expedition and a side trip will receive a detailed itinerary, what to bring list, general instruction on what to expect, liability release, and payment deadlines.
  6. A current passport the doesn't expire within 6 months of the expedition will be required of each participant. You must submit two(2) photocopies of your passport at least 3 month prior to the departure date of the expedition to Hope Projects.
  7. All overhead costs are paid by the founders of Simons Says: Hope Projects Foundation or its board members. No board member or associate board member receives any compensation for their service. Supervisors in South America are compensated by the founders and the board of directors of Hope Projects.
  8. You donation goes to help some of the poorest people on the face of the earth, but they are willing to work to help themselves. We will never be part of any handout charity program other than in case of a disaster or for people who are old or do not have the capacity to care for themselves.

Dr. Jerry Simons, Founder and President of Hope Projects

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